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Paddle Preparations: Gearing Up for the Epic Long Kayak Adventure!

Well, I guess it's time.

With just over 10 weeks remaining and still a few things on our checklist, the excitement is building. As we gear up for intense training sessions, I can't help but notice the contrasting setups of our kayaks. One boasts a "nice" foam covering, complete with plastic to keep things dry and a trusty Velcro strap to secure it in place. Meanwhile, the other kayak simply has foam! It's a humorous sight, but it won't stop us from embarking on this incredible journey.

I'm incredibly grateful to potentially have some of the LKFL ground support team back on board. Their presence and assistance will be invaluable. However, we still need a couple of volunteers who can help with drop-offs and pick-ups. I hope Bill and Pete are still in the vicinity and available to lend a hand!

On another note, I have a couple of speaking engagements lined up, including a national conference. It's an honor to have such opportunities, and I'm thrilled to share our mission with a wider audience.

Additionally, we have secured a major sponsor who has generously pledged $15,000 as our first contribution. This remarkable partnership will be officially announced next week, providing us with an incredible platform to launch our campaign.

If you happen to know anyone who would like to spend a few days along the breathtaking Murrumbidgee, starting from Narrandera, please let me know. We would love to have more company on this remarkable adventure.

Stay tuned for more details in the next post, where I'll be sharing updates on our progress. Also, keep an eye out for the return of the 'Captain's Logbook' series, featuring the epic journey of the Starship Red Thunder.

Unfortunately, Wal won't be able to join us this time, so we'll have to rely on others for daily news updates. But rest assured, we'll keep you informed and inspired throughout this incredible expedition!

Together, let's paddle for a breath of life and make a difference.

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Published: 23 June, 2023


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