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AdAlta comes on board with the Long Kayak for Lungs 2 and asks you to join them

It's fantastic to share the latest updates on our journey towards making a difference! We're thrilled to have Agworld as a sponsor on board, and we've received another generous donation, bringing our total to nearly $29,000 – a truly remarkable achievement at this point.

The momentum continues to build with The Common Good launching the Long Kayak for Lungs support appeal this week. This initiative holds immense potential to create positive impacts for those affected by IPF, and it's heartening to know that more sponsors are in discussions to join our cause.

As September approaches, we're reminded that it's IPF/PF awareness month – a time to highlight the importance of raising awareness for these conditions. Our ongoing efforts with the Long Kayak journey align perfectly with this awareness campaign, ensuring that the community is informed about this crucial initiative.

With determination in our hearts, I'm now fully focused on the journey ahead – paddling that kayak as we embark on the path towards Wagga and the Murrumbidgee River. Every stroke will symbolize our commitment to making a real impact and bringing attention to the cause.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate this meaningful journey together! Your support and enthusiasm are what keep us moving forward.

Read more about AdAlta support with Long Kayak for Lungs here.


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