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Welcoming Morgs Back for LKFL 2: Continuing the Journey of Courage and Determination

Great news! We are thrilled to welcome Graham Morgan, fondly known as 'Morgs,' back to the Long Kayak For Lungs (LKFL) team.

Morgs made a remarkable contribution during our last adventure in 2018 when he joined us for the final leg of the 42-day Odyssey down the Murray River. His presence was invaluable, providing much-needed support and motivation as we approached the finish line in Wellington.

At that time, I was personally going through the challenges of paddling and battling with IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis), and having Morgs by my side during those crucial moments meant the world to me. His encouragement and camaraderie helped me push through the difficulties and keep my spirits high.

Now, as we eagerly anticipate the 28th of August, Morgs, Lesley, and I are gearing up to embark on the next chapter of this incredible journey. It will be a day filled with excitement and determination as we climb into our kayaks, ready to face the adventures that lie ahead.

Morgs, we trust that your training has been going exceptionally well in preparation for this upcoming endeavor. Your previous experience and unwavering spirit make you an invaluable member of our team. Together, we will conquer the challenges, raise awareness for lung research, and inspire others with our resilience.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the start date. The LKFL community is eagerly awaiting the moment we set out on this extraordinary expedition once again.

Let's make this journey a testament to courage, determination, and the power of unity.

Published: 23 June, 2023


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